A Shield From Clutter

Clutter convincingly tells us, "You don't need to question my validity in your life." The clutter takes our memories and holds them up as a shield to keep us from taking a closer look. We see and feel the memories and we get intoxicated with the past and we're not inspired to look any further. Meanwhile we continue to live with the handicap the clutter creates in our life as it wrecks our peace of mind.

A healthy mistrust of clutter is a good thing. A suspicion of clutter is our shield that allows us to ask, "Do I actually need this? Is this still important to me, or not? If I let this thing go will I be okay? Will I feel better when this goes?" The clutter may try and be crafty and interrupt us by saying, "It's not right to be doing this", or "Let's go online", or "How about some cookies?" But notice the tone of the clutter's voice. There's fear in the clutter's words. They are shaky and defensive. There's no stability or serenity in the clutter's point of view.

I recently worked with a client who had a large library of psychology books in her bedroom. I asked if we could take a look at them. She said, "It would be a waste of time." She said she needed them for her business. But I also noticed that her words were closed off emotionally. She looked at me with fear in her eyes. I said, "Well, maybe we can look at a few just to see." I pulled out one book and asked her if she still read it. I could sense she was feeling a lot of emotional turbulence. She admitted that she never looked at that one.

My client told me going through these books was very uncomfortable. I said that meant the books were having that same affect on her just by being present in her bedroom, which meant they was interfering with her sleep and getting needed rest. I said the clutter doesn't want her to see what's going on, but there's relief and peace of mind on the other side of letting go. She got what was going on and opened up to continue going through the books. About 80% ending up going into the library donation piles.