Taking Care

Today is day three of the big clutter busting job I'm working on. I've started each day at the wee hour of 7:30 AM. It's nice because I skip traffic. Plus the morning air seems fresher. That helps with a smelly job like this one.

I worked for a solid five hours and then took lunch. That's when I had a really interesting experience. I sat under a big tree in the yard to have lunch. As I got out my meal, I also took out my cell phone to check email. I felt a really strong resistance come over my body. I had the thought, "No, your attention is on enjoying the food and sunlight and fresh air and this great tree."

I sensed that checking email was more of a nervous habit than a necessity. It reminded me of long ago when I used to have an answering machine and how I'd get anxious to check the machine when I got home and see who called. One day I saw what was happening and I thought, "No call is important enough to make me feel this way." I felt that way with the email and I thought, "Everyone can wait." What mattered was taking care of myself and that usually means easy going alone time.

Later in the afternoon I spoke on the phone with the woman whose home I was clutter busting. The city forbid her from returning to her home because of the extreme clutter situation. She was feeling sad and confused about the situation and wanted to know if I thought she would be allowed to return to her house. I said I thought the universe has a way of displacing us in big ways from situations we are quite attached to. We don't like it. But there is a new situation that is happening that is often much kinder than our previous experience. It's worth taking a look to see what's new and give it some time.

Her voice got softer. I sensed her inner fight fade.