Turning On Your Clutter Busting Ignitions

The weekends are a good time to take a curious look around your place for clutter. One of my blog readers told me how she recently spent her Saturday morning going through her garage and finding things that her family was no longer using. She discovered a many toys that her kids no longer played with. She found gifts that her family had received through the years that no one wanted. She ended up letting go of a lot of sports equipment that once held a lot of promise, but never left the garage. In the end there were two big piles of things that she decided to let go.

She wrote that before she started, she'd been avoiding the garage. The stuff had taken over the space and she was intimidated. It's hard to have a space in your own home that you feel you can't go into. She got tired of feeling that way and felt inspired enough to take a look. The interesting thing was as soon as she ventured into the space, she felt physically and mentally powerful.

It's really inspiring to me to hear about someone letting go on their own, and feeling better as a result.