The Yes or No Meter

I'm looking for a new apartment. It's fun checking out the different spaces. I get to feel the open space and notice if it fits me or not. Working in other people's homes has taught me to be aware of the space itself. Last week I was walking towards a particular house to take a look and got a loud "no!" I didn't go in. I've learned that the basic yes or no meter inside me doesn't lie.

I think everyone resonates differently to a particular open space. Some space make people feel good, while others feel uncomfortable. I've had some clients, after getting rid of their clutter, discover that the space itself doesn't suit them. I had one client say that she felt she filled her home with so much excess stuff because she didn't care for the space itself. When clients discover they don't care for the space, they often move and find a place that feels like home.

An important part of clutter busting is learning to say no to something that doesn't make us feel good. When I first start working with a client, they often have a hard time trusting their yes or no meter. I think we get used to other people making decisions for us, or we're taught that our opinion doesn't matter. But I think a lot more problems come from not saying no. A part of us gives up and our personal and work lives suffer.

It turns out that fine level of feeling, our sensitive awareness is our best friend. My experience is that feels like open space in me. That openness is there amidst my thoughts and emotions and sensations in my body. It feels clear and simple. When I come across something that doesn't suit me, I feel that quiet place pushing the adverse experience or thing away from me. When something suits me, I feel the openness in me absorbing the thing or experience.