Finding Ways to Make a Move Easier

I'm taking a break from packing and clutter busting my apartment. I'm finding it helps to stay consciously relaxed during my move prep.

I used to work for a moving company and I know how stressful moving can be. We'd show up at the home of people we were going to move and the people would often be at panic level. Many would still be packing and throwing everything into boxes. I never saw a moving client say, "Do I need these magazines or can I let them go?" I think there's a strong feeling of a loss of security. "This is my home, I know this place, I feel safe here. I'm uncertain about my new place." This makes people hang onto their stuff and pack it for the move because it gives a feeling of stability.

To keep this from happening, I've been stopping and doing fun stuff like playing guitar, and watching the Daily Show, and going for a walk. I come back feeling restored. I find that I can think more clearly. On my walk that I took earlier I thought of a red rugby shirt that I never wear. I bought it on sale a year ago. I thought I would like it. But experience shows that I don't. So when I came back I let it go.