Letters from Clutter

Dear Brooks,

I'm a set of books on the bookshelf in my person's home. I don't appreciate that you have been encouraging her to question the value of the things in her place. I like that I get to sit here and not be bothered. It gives me a feeling of stability. My peace of mind was shattered last week when she pulled a handful of books off the shelf and sat on the floor and questioned whether each book is serving her. The audacity! I couldn't believe she said no to the Grisham's! They were a gift from her mother. What's good for her mother is good for her. I feel sad, like I lost something of importance. Would you please tell people that books are on the "Don't Ask, Don't Toss" List?

the Books.

Dear Books,

I'm sorry that you are feeling a loss. But I was thinking this might be a really good opportunity for you. I know you want to remain untouched. But maybe this edginess that you're feeling is coming from not being enjoyed. Deep down I think you like to be read! I think you like someone's fingers turning your pages. I think it tickles you in a nice way when you are underlined. I'll bet secretly you like the warmth of someone's hands supporting you. Maybe you could try out this openness and see if it rings true for you in any way.

Take care,

Dear Brooks,

It's me, Fear. I read your recent blog suggesting people not get over-involved and entangled with me when I rise up in their awareness. Seriously? Are you kidding me? What the? People need to feel me coursing through their veins all day. I give them the alertness that keeps them from getting hurt...Okay, there are some rumors that I have side-effects like wearing people down and being kind of acidy, and even if they were true, which they're not, it would be a small price to pay for always being ready for the bad things when they eventually show up and wreck havoc.


Dear Fear,

Thank you for your email. I'm impressed that you read my blog. I'm sorry that my post made you irritated. I'm not suggesting we do without you. We need you when we encounter a a dangerous situation that needs our full attention. Your boost of adrenalin really helps us be much more responsive, like the other day when a car cut in front of me from out of nowhere and I had to immediately slow down. I really appreciated that. I was suggesting that using you all day long doesn't serve anyone. Yesterday afternoon I caught myself using you about money. I thought, "What if I don't have enough money at the end of the month to cover my new rent?" The adrenalin you provided made my heart pump hard and I was hyper alert. But then I thought, "Wait, is this an actual problem? I mean, is this really happening?" I looked around and it wasn't. So I stopped using you. I'm sorry if this hurt your feelings.

take care,