Today I'm Clutter Busting My Space

Today I'm clutter busting my apartment in preparation for my move this Saturday.

I just let go of some oil pastel artwork. I felt some resistance at first. I looked through a big stack of art. The memories of creating the art still felt fresh. I enjoyed making them. But hanging onto a stack of art doesn't make me feel good. So I'm keeping the framed pastels that I feel good about hanging up in my new place, and a few others that I want to sell. It feels like I'm opening myself up for some new creativity.

I let go of a kitchen table and some stools. The table looked nice and the stools were okay. They were from the previous tenant. But after sitting at the table for a half hour I didn't feel comfortable. So I brought them down to the alley way for whoever would like them. I was inspired by a client I worked with last week. She let go of about ten pieces of furniture she didn't care for anymore. They were expensive pieces and if she put in the time she could have sold them. But it was simpler for her to give them away. We put them in the alley. They were all picked up within an hour.

I'm excited to be moving to my new place. It's a coach house a half block from the lake. It's private and spacious. I'm bringing very little from my current place. I want to move in and feel what the place needs. I work best by considering the space first. By helping people get rid of things, I've become very aware of the open space in a home. My experience is when the open space is noticed, the awareness activates it and brings it alive. I like to call it living space. It's presence is nurturing and takes care of some of our deeper needs. I like it because it makes me feel peaceful.