Enjoying the Things in My Suitcase

I'm packing for my flight tomorrow back to Chicago. I love packing. It's amazing to look at a small container with my stuff and think, "Wow, this is all I need for ten days." I don't own much stuff as it is. But I get excited living with the basic basics. It makes everything so simple. It also makes me appreciate my other things when I get home. I'm looking forward to seeing my plants, playing my guitars, and laying in my bed.

Plus it will be nice to be in the privacy of my own space. I've been staying in other people's homes and because I have no control over their space it's sometimes been uncomfortable. It reminds me of the value of just keeping things that make my life a nicer place to be.

I wanted to share an interview I did in the Minimalist Knitter where I talk about living with just the things that matter:

Minimalism and passion