"Let's Get Rid of This Crap!!"

Yesterday I had the fortune of clutter busting for my girlfriend’s son. He’s ten and he loves clutter busting. I’ve helped him get rid of clutter before. We joked that I ought to do ads where I have a deep, imposing voice and say, “Let’s get rid of the crap!”

It’s fun working with kids because it’s generally easier for them to think, “Yeah, I love this!” or, “Nope, get rid of it.” When a kid loses interest in something, it’s pretty obvious.

Today we started with all the stuff on the top of his dresser. He likes to keep all the stuff he’s really interested in out in the open. It makes him happy to be reminded of what’s important to him now. About a third of this stuff was now stale for him and he let them go. He’s going to sell them this weekend at a garage sale.

Then we went through his books. He picked eight books he’s no longer reading and put them in the garage sale pile. It was good to be reminded of the matter-of-factness that something is no longer useful. Sometimes memories can be a hook to make us want to hold onto something. But the more we get into the habit of seeing and tossing what we no longer love, the memory factor loses its hold.

Today I’m flying to Los Angeles to work with clutter busting clients and facilitate a Clutter Busting workshop. The workshops are an amazing experience. The presence of the people attending with their actual bags of clutter draws out a powerful letting go energy. It’s tangible. People see, know, and learn the experience of when something is no longer a part of their life, and they naturally get the impulse to clutter bust. If you can come, that would be great! There are a few spots left. Also, I have a few clutter busting session times available. Sign up information for both is on the right side of this blog.

I’ll keep in touch with you through this blog and let you know some of my experiences while in LA!