Our Feelings Uncluttered

Yesterday's couple called me today and said they were feeling some sadness. They said it wasn't about anything in particular that they had thrown out. But they were feeling puzzled about the origin of the sad feelings.

I said that sometimes after a person has let go of some clutter, they can feel some strong emotions like sadness, anger, or even fear. It's not about the clutter but it's shedding light on feelings that were already there before the clutter bust. The presence of the clutter keeps us from noticing what we are feeling inside. Clutter is loud and distracting. It's louder than our emotions. When the distractions are removed, the feelings are felt.

Also, sometimes we gather things in our lives to keep from feeling certain emotions. In the same way we'll eat a large amount ice cream, or get drunk, or do anything in excess to get rid of or mask uncomfortable feelings, we can also buy or acquire things to cover up uncomfortable emotions. As we clutter bust these things that aren't serving us, we might feel the original feelings we were trying to avoid.

I told my clients that this is a normal experience. The main thing is not to go and buy a bunch of comfort things to fill the space. Just know that the experience is very temporary. We can notice that we are having strong emotions that aren't connected to anything. They are like clouds in the sky. It would be nice to see the sun, but eventually the clouds will pass, and then there's sun.

I suggested they could talk about their feelings in a curious and introspective way and see if that helps. The couple said knowing the source of the feelings helps. It made sense to them and it helped bring in some peace of mind.


I moved into my new place last weekend. I'm really enjoying the extra space. The downstairs is a big living room with wood walls and ceiling. Its relaxing for me because I feel like I'm in a log cabin in the woods. Trees surround the property and look like paintings in the windows. The upstairs is one big bedroom with nothing but a bed and three plants. I can hear the lake at night. It's soooo peaceful.

I'm going to be in New York for about five days working with clutter busting clients. I'm bringing my computer and hopefully I'll find the time and internet access to write some blogs about my clutter busting experiences on the road!