It's good to be home. Last night when I got back from my clutter busting work trip in LA I felt kind of ragged. So I took a walk along the lake. There was a low hanging blood red moon floating just above the water. I thought, " that's my reflection." I slept in last night and I've been taking it easy today.

It helps for me to be aware of how I'm feeling. If I try and ignore being tired, then I have to fix the things I did while tired. I'm finding life is easier when I'm aware of what is in the moment. I sometimes don't like it. But ignoring what is makes things harder. It seems to take a lot of energy to ignore something. I think that's why clutter is so exhausting.

Last week I was working with a client who had a huge bag of old cassettes that she was confused about. I could feel how tired she was. I thought her exhaustion was her resistance to what is. The cassettes were no longer a part of her life. They used to be. She didn't want to admit their time had passed. I asked her about each cassette so she could approach it more easily and honestly. When she let the cassettes go she got her energy back. The resistance was gone.