Seeing What Actually Matters to Her

It's good to be home. I loved working in and experiencing New York City. And it was also wonderful to crawl into my own bed last night after midnight and feel the familiar sheets and the peaceful quietness.

This morning I was thinking about an experience that I had with a client last weekend. I was asking her about the things in her home. Initially she had a strong attachment to most everything. It was easy for her to find a reason to hang on. But then I began to notice that she had the habit of seeing a positive use for anything she came across. She saw its value. But the thing is, it was a universal value, not a personal one.

We were going through a box of bathroom items. She said, "Oh, those are great. That company makes really good products. I'm keeping those." I said, "But do you like using them?" She paused. It was difficult for her at first to consider how she actually felt. But then she became aware that she didn't care for them. She said, "No, I don't. I think I can let them go."

Occasionally she slipped away from seeing whether a thing meant something to her personally. But when I reminded her, she checked in with herself and gave an honest answer that took care of her needs.