Taking Care of Where We Are

Day 7 in LA. The past couple of days I've been house sitting at a Shangri-La house. It's up in the mountains, with a pool, and plenty of guitars. It's made being on the road a lot easier.

I did a nice clutter busting for myself this week. I was talking with a friend about how clutter can go unnoticed even when you're in the midst of it. Then I realized I still had my Screen Actor's Guild card in my wallet. It's a remnant from the days when I used to be an actor. It was like a spot light shined on the card and said, "This is worth noticing." It was like finding something in my fridge that was covered in mold. I took the SAG card out of my wallet and tore it up. What a feeling of freedom!

Today I'm working with a new client. She was at my workshop on Sunday. She had booked a time with me for a time that her husband wouldn't be at home. She didn't want him to know she was doing some clutter busting. He had told her that people like me were charlatans. What ended up happening was this new client was so inspired by the workshop that she clutter busted like crazy for two days after the workshop. Her husband noticed that she was so much happier and the house felt lighter. He no longer felt that clutter busting was bogus. She told him about our clutter busting appointment for today and he said he fully supported her. It's amazing what can come from taking care of our own clutter.