Feeling at Home

Yesterday's client had purchased and moved into the home that she grew up in. She'd been there a year and was living amongst unpacked boxes and the furniture that she grew up with as a child. My feeling was that she didn't feel at home. She seemed so ill at ease. She couldn't sit still and was talking rapidly. It was hard to find the space to get a word in.

I said, "You don't feel at home in your home." Sometimes we can live amidst uncomfortableness and we don't have to. My client was feeling overwhelmed. This used to be her family's home. There were a lot of kids. She was one of the last ones born and had to live amongst other's needs. Now the home was her own, but she was living with the ghosts of how things used to be. I said it was her turn to take care of herself and enjoy what was now her space.

She opened up and let go of a lot of old furniture. Then we unpacked her boxes. She calmed down. She began to relax. She was home.