Fall Clutter Busting: Kitchen Walls and Floors

Today we're going to search for signs of clutter on your kitchen floor and walls.

Let's start with your kitchen floor. Do you have any rugs or mats? Pick one up and hold it in your hands. I know they can get pretty dirty (I have to take a long shower after every job) but there's something about holding an object that helps you connect. When we shop we often hold something when considering if it's for us. "Do you like rug or is it time for it to go?"

You might think, "I don't care for this, but if I get rid of it, what am I going to replace it with?" Your main job right now is to root out the things you no longer care for and remove them from your home. You may not be looking at a floor rug in your kitchen when you are standing on it, but if it's become clutter for you, it's affecting you adversely. If you don't like the rug or floor mat, either put it in the trash if it's in bad shape, or put it in a donation bag.

Or maybe you like the rug, but you notice it needs to be washed. If so, put the rug in your washer. Part of clutter busting is finding things that need to be taken care of, and taking care of them. It's going to give you a feeling of relief.

Next, let's take a look at your kitchen's walls. Take down any pictures, paintings, and art and place them on a clear surface. You know the routine, pick up one at a time and ask, "Is this still for me, or not?" Recently I asked one of my clients about the framed photos on her kitchen wall. Her face went sour. It was pretty clear their presence troubled her. She was surprised at her reaction. I had her take down all the photos and go through each one and decide, "Yes" or "No." Most of them went. Then she noticed the dirt silhouette frames left by the photos absence and she got the inspiration to clean the walls.

If you feel too overwhelmed with any of the fall clutter busting steps, I'm available for online video clutter busts. My rate is $75 hour, payable through PayPal. Clutter Busting takes less time than you imagine. You can email me at brooks@clutterbusting.com