On Life Support from Our Memory

I got some good questions from a blog reader that I would like to share with you:

"A question- I have the John and Yoko Rolling Stone issues that came out after his death. Do you think these are collector's items?"

As far as the Rolling Stone John and Yoko issues go, my experience is a lot of people save special event magazines and newspapers, so it turns out they aren't rare. I've gone on E-bay with clients to find out the going rate and most of the time my clients are surprised to see the magazines are only worth a dollar or two more than the newsstand price, and sometimes less.

The thing about the mags and papers is they often end up in a box or drawer and disappear. Anything that "disappears" clogs up our lives. Since my reader says she wants to sell these issues means she essentially wants to let them go. It's best to send them on their way by either putting them in the recycling bin or donating them to the library. Something new that fits our lives deserves the space these magazines take up.

"I've been going through my audio tapes, and as I come back to them week after week I discard one or two but many still remain - so many Dead tapes that I made that I'm really not going to listen to but sort of feel "how can I just throw these out?/" Any suggestions?"

She wrote, "I'm really not going to listen to (the Dead tapes)". She has lots of strong memories associated with Dead concerts, but they are not a living part of her life now. She's not listening to them. Those tapes are on life support from her memory. Those kind of things end up taking a lot of our energy and we're not even getting to enjoy them. It's worth taking this honest look and noticing what's actually happening. Stuck things often lose their appeal when we see what they're doing to us.