Fall Clutter Busting: Nightstands and Under the Bed

Welcome back to our Fall Clutter Busting. I'd like to venture into the land of your nightstand and the area under your bed. These are two common areas where clutter loves to accumulate like fabric to a lint screen. Today's clutter bust is especially important because we take the things that are near us into our sleep. Clutter disrupts our sleep. Chaos takes away our peace of mind.

So let's take a look at the nightstand first. Have a bag for trash, one for charity and another for recycling. Take everything off your nightstand and place them on the floor. This also includes the items in drawers. Spread the items out so you can see everything. Pick up the first item. Ask yourself, "Is this paper conducive to sleep?" "Does this book have a calming effect on me?" "Do I need this photo?" "Does this magazine make me feel irritable?" "Can I let this go?" "Do I actually listen to these CDs and do they relax me?" "Do the batteries work in this flashlight?" You are taking care of yourself by asking thorough questions.

I've had a number of clients have ten or more books on the nightstand, or on the floor and under the bed. When questioned, they often realize that they don't need the majority of them. Questioning wakes up a part of us that's gone dormant. When we get overwhelmed we often think we need more things. We are looking for things to make us feel better. But it turns out, going the other way, eliminating unnecessary stuff gives us our strength back.

After going through the nightstand items, put things that you are keeping back in a way that makes you want to curl up in bed and take a leisurely nap.

Now pull out everything from under the bed. Continue to ask of each thing, "Do I love you or can you go?" I once had a client who had so many items under her bed that it was hard to pull them out. We actually had to lift the bed up to get to them. It turns out they were gifts that people had given her that she didn't care for.

When you're done, put nothing back under the bed. It's best to have this space open and peaceful.

If you're stuck and need some help, I'm available for online video clutter busts. I can help it make it go quick and easy. You can reach me at brooks@clutterbusting.com