Internet Clutter

I like sharing the valuable things that other people say about clutter busting. This morning I was reading my friend Colleen Wainwright's Communicatrix blog about letting go of internet clutter. It gives some valuable insight into seeing what serves you and what doesn't when you go online.

I took her advice and have been unsubscribing from email newsletters and services that no longer matter to me. I was getting a three times daily email from HARO that lists magazines, newspapers and online sites that are looking for particular content. My publicist recommended that I subscribe so I can find people who are writing articles about clutter. But after two months I saw that I was only occasionally and half-halfheartedly skimming the emails with a feeling that I should. So I unsubscribed.

Colleen also recommended that if people were disinterested in her newsletter to unsubscribe. She felt if the newsletter wasn't serving them, it was best for them and her that they let go. She only wanted readers who were fully present with her. I feel the same goes with my clutter busting blog. I write these posts to encourage you to be self-reliant and let go of what's not supporting you. If these posts speak to you and you're learning from them, great! If not, it serves us both if you let go of reading them.

Colleen's site