Living Space

I've been in Cleveland the past three days. I did a bookstore talk last night. Someone in the audience talked about the nervousness she feels when she thinks about clutter busting. That strong sense of fear kept her from questioning her things. I said that feeling of being intimidated by her things is present in her all the time. She becomes more acutely aware of the dreadful sensations as she begins to open up.

I wanted her to see how badly she was being treated by the clutter. The clutter was acting as a bully in her home. But the thing is, it's her home. It was within her to take back sovereignty. I also likened the clutter to rats which had taken over her home. She got it and said she felt a new confidence to clutter bust her space.

I had a good clutter busting experience myself yesterday. I drove by the home where I spent my high school years. I got out and walked around the house. I was surprised to feel nervous and scared. The house felt like it was looming over me and I was tiny. The house felt angry at me.

So I thanked the house for sheltering me, keeping me warm during the cold Cleveland winters, nurturing me while I learned to play guitar, taking care of my family, teaching me responsibility by letting me rake its leaves and mow its lawn, and sending me out into the world a stronger person. The house now felt quiet and open. It was like we were old friends.

Clutter busting has taught me that places have a presence. They are living spaces.