I was talking with a friend of mine and he was moping about the things that were happening in his life. I told him he seemed very dedicated to the moping. He was invested in his mopiness. He didn't get it. So I imitated the mopey drone. It was easy, I'd done it before. I've been mopey about stuff. It feels like the whining I used to do when I was ten. "Geez, that's not fair, why do I have to do this?" Whining turns into moping as you get older because it makes you so tired.

My friend couldn't believe he sounded like that. "Really, are you kidding me?" And then he started the moping again. I think it can be hard to turn off moping. There's a deep part of us that goes, "This sucks, it shouldn't be like this, and I'm gonna drone on about it." But there's a resignation in our voices that also says, "This sucks, and it's wrong, and it's also not going to change."

I don't think you can argue with mopiness. It can only be pointed out with a funny curiosity. I've caught myself thinking, "I can't believe this is happening. It's stupid! What's the point? I give up." and then I go, "I can't believe I'm moping. When will I stop being five?" I don't think it can ever be stopped for good. Trying to cease and desist any undesirable behavior just postpones it for later when it becomes stronger and louder to make up for lost time.

Noticing helps. "Oh, that's interesting. It sounds like some kind of tantrum going on in me. It feels like when I was in first grade and I didn't get my way. The funny thing is I feel like it's going to change things in a way that will make me happy. The universe will notice I'm upset and fix this." The noticing takes the steam out of the moping. The moping either stops or trails off. Then peace of mind takes its place.