You Can Never Have Enough to Feel Like Enough

I'm taking a lunch break from working on the phone with a new client. She used to be a lawyer. She told me how there's a part of her that vehemently wants to defend her things. I said, "The defendant that you are representing today is your peace of mind. You need to do everything in your power to protect your client." Nothing in our life is of any value when we compromise our peace of mind. She got it and has been letting go of one thing after another that doesn't take care of her now.

At one point she found a bunch of spiritual books tucked away in two boxes. She hadn't looked at the books in years and felt resistance to letting them go. "I think I need these so I can feel I'm enough." I told her you can never have enough to feel like enough. Our things won't fill a hole we're feeling inside. But there's something about letting these particular things go that makes us feel whole again. She decided to donate the books.