Your Creativity

One of the simple ways to enhance your home is with your own art. You don't have to be an artist to do this. There's an idea that you have to be a trained artist to create or display your art. But my experience is when anyone sits down with some paint, pastels, colored pencils or markers, or crayons, they are in a creative place and whatever they put on paper has its own charm and vitality.

I've seen a lot of kid's art up on client's fridges and it's not technically great, but it's beautiful in its simplicity and it makes people feel good. The clients often treasure this art more than expensive stereo equipment This taught me the innate transformative power of innocent creativity.

Your art doesn't have to be created with the previously mentioned art supplies. One of my clients displayed some pine-cones she had spray painted and then glued some self-made eyes and a hat. Another had arranged beautiful leaves she found outside between sheets of wax paper and hung them on some of her windows. Still another painted on pieces of driftwood. She used cheap acrylic paint and one brush.

If you feel some self-criticism about making art just know that it's a left over from the world that says, "We know what's best for you, you don't, so buy our things." Our economy is based on that. But no one is deeply happy living that way. The act of taking care of ourselves renews us in ways the world never could.

I always put my art up on my walls. Some of the places I've lived have not been beautiful spaces. But the presence of even something as simple as cartoons I drew made the space feel like home for me. I recently moved into a nice coach house. I put some of my art up on the walls. But the main wall has been bare for a few months. Two days ago I got out some paper and pastels and drew a mural. I put it up on the wall that night and it's made the room come alive for me.