Creating Space for Enjoyment

A few days ago I was helping a client clutter bust her basement. She came across boxes of scrap booking supplies. They'd been sitting on a shelf for a while. She felt like she should be using the supplies. But her underlying feeling was discomfort. I asked her how the scrap book stuff made her feel. She said, "They're irritating me!" She tried using them once and hated the experience.

I asked her if she could let the scrap things go and she said, "But what if I have no hobbies?" I said a hobby is any activity you enjoy. She said, "Well, maybe I can try using these again and see if I like it." I said that would be like going to a restaurant and ordering something that you tried once and hated. It's okay to say no to something that is not giving you pleasure.

She was frustrated. She said, "I'm too busy taking care of all this stuff to sit down and play with my kids." I said her kids could be her hobby. She could create the space to enjoy her children. She liked that idea. She put the scrap booking stuff in the donate box.