A Good Clutter Gauge

I was happy and surprised to get all the supportive emails yesterday and this morning. I was thinking only a few people glanced at it every now and then. It feels good to know I'm making a difference.

Last night I was a guest on Joan Ranquet's Teleseminar. She's a well known animal communicator. She wanted me to speak to people who are learning to intuitively talk with animals because she felt 'letting go' was an important part of becoming more intuitive. Clutter interferes with our intuition because of its distracting quality. It's loud. It drowns out the more subtle feelings and insights.

One of the callers said she had difficulty letting go of her old nostalgic things. She wanted to know if she could do something creative with them. I told the caller that her voice sounded weary when she spoke of these things. There was a sense of obligation in her. She had to hang onto these things rather than she wanted to. It helps to take an honest look at how something effects us now. Nothing is valuable when it depletes us. Our mind says otherwise. But I asked her to go beyond the concept of what she should do, and look at the actual effect. Noticing the effect is a great gauge. If something makes you feel tired, irritable and guilty it's not serving you. It has no place in your home or life.

I once worked with a client who had two dogs. One of the dogs belonged to her boyfriend. She was taking care of his dog because he was too busy. She was frustrated because his dog was constantly biting her dog. This caused the dogs to fight all day long. Their barking was driving her crazy. At one point my client took a bathroom break. Her dog immediately ran up to me and barked desperately. Because I was feeling particularly intuitive, I sensed the dog was saying, "Please help me, I can't take this anymore!"

When my client came back into the room, I told her my experience with her dog. She broke down in tears. It all became clear to her. She opened up and said that her boyfriend was abusive and had been taking advantage of her. My client felt terrible that her dog had to suffer because of her choices. She ended up breaking up with her boyfriend and returning his dog.