Happy Anniversary!

I'm at my 500th blog post. It's also my ten year anniversary as a professional Clutter Buster. None of this was ever my intention. It's kind of like I naturally enjoyed drawing as a kid and I still do it today. In some form or another I've always been a clutter buster.

I get a lot of joy helping people let go of extraneous things. I did this for friends for a long while before it was my current job. Sometimes my friends would tell me I ought to do it for a living. I couldn't imagine it. But on a whim I put up some fliers. I originally called my business Klutter Busterz because it sounded like humorous super heroes. I even drew cartoons on the fliers.

The funny thing is people started calling me. I didn't have any plans on what to say. Luckily they were pretty desperate and had a lot to say. I set up appointments. I had no plan of action of what to do when I got to their homes. I figured I'd approach it in the same easy going friendly intuitive way I did with my friends.

When I got to the clients' homes they were often in a pretty harried state. I had them give me a tour because I felt it would help them feel calm. I remember one client talking non-stop for ten minutes as she stepped over the obstacle course of things in her home. I felt like she didn't even notice the stuff anymore. It was kind of like she was in shock and still somehow functioning. She had a hard time getting through the stuff in her guest room, so I thought, "This is a good place to start." I told her so and I started picking up one thing at a time and asking, "Do you need this or can you let it go?" That always got people back to the present moment. They showed up again in their skin.

To celebrate my anniversary and to thank you for being a big part of this, I'd like to offer some free clutter busting. I'd like to give five people the gift of a 1-hour clutter busting phone session. If you'd like to be part of this, email me at brooks@clutterbusting.com.