I was thinking about how we wish and want things to be along with the recognition of how things actually are. Things become clutter when we hold on to the wishing and wanting and refuse to accept what is. We're left in a disappointed and frustrated state that can make us miserable.

We do what we can to create change in a situation we don't like, but when things remain the same, there's an ease to saying, "Oh, well." The interesting thing is this can sometimes be followed by the feeling of "nothing's broken." When we stop fighting the circumstances and see things as they are, there can be beauty.

I feel that way when winter hits Chicago. Initially I don't like it, which is a naturally reasonable feeling. At the same time I can feel part of me not accepting what's happening, even though it happens every year around this time. It's uncomfortable because my body gets tense and my mood gets sour. So I'm cold, which makes sense, at the same time I'm emotionally refusing the experience. What's interesting is after a while of noticing my lack of acceptance of what I'm feeling, there comes a point where I'm walking outside and suddenly everything relaxes and it's, "Oh, look at the snow. It's tiny mountains of shiny frozen water crystals!" Wonder has come in.

I think what helps is recognizing the clutter of the frustrated and involved mental attitude. It doesn't mean it will go away immediately. But being aware of our reaction helps us not wage a war with what is. A war we can never win.