New Year's Revolution

I'm not a fan of new year's resolutions. It feels like a lot of pressure to add to my life during an open and untrodden time. There's a whole pallet of days before me that can do better without my expectations and demands. Just like I don't like to be told what to do, my life must feel the same way.

I like entering into 2011 with an openness to what is. I'm much more inspired being in a life as it is rather than thinking, "I'll be happier if _______ happens."

For me, making demands on the universe goes against the flow of things. It's an aggressive approach. I feel like I'm always fighting what is. It uses up a lot of me. When I go into a client's home, I don't think, "This shouldn't be this way. It needs to be fixed." I'm just with the place as it is. It's very peaceful. Out of that acceptance I get intuitive nudges on what to do. That's the inspiration. I'm not forcing the moment. I'm listening to what it says.

I feel okay about saying this because I've tried controlling the years with specific demands, but it always created a distance between me and the year. I felt disconnected with things. I also heard the tension in the voice of my friends when they told me their resolutions. There was a desperate energy in their words. The war approach to life seldom works. We bring in tension and resistance and it spoils life.

So, here I am in 2010, happy with this life. I'm looking forward to what comes next!