Taking a Curious Look Around

The holidays are a good time to take stock of what's in our environment. I like to think of it as taking inventory. With the extra time you might have, it's worth taking the curious look at what's surrounding you.

I use the word curious a lot because it's important to keep the clutter busting light-hearted. When we're curious, we're relaxed and aware. We want to see what's there. This allows us to notice the things that are normally blurred into the background.

Think of the curiosity you use when you are building a puzzle. You are noticing every shape, color and pattern and seeing how it fits as a whole. If you found something in the pile of puzzle pieces that wasn't a puzzle piece, you'd remove it.

You're looking with curiosity to see what no longer fits. When you notice and then let those things go, the rest of your home begins to make sense. Problem areas can be reconfigured in a way that suits you. You're tailoring your home so it fits well and takes good care of you.