Uncovering Nutritious Space

A value of clutter busting is re-discovering space in your home. Underneath and behind the chaotic presence of the things that are not part of your life is space. This isn't an empty dull space. It's lively, vital and energizing.

We buy things because the marketing promises those positive characteristics. But things are acquired and shoved into our space and we end up feeling dulled, neurotic and needy for something more to make us feel better.

But my experience shows that as people find and let go of what doesn't fit in their home, as the space begins to reappear, they feel happy again. Not happy because they got space, but happy to be amidst something that is supportive, comforting, relaxing, and vitalizing.

We need open and unencumbered space like we need food and sleep. Sometimes we don't realize this until we begin to let go of clutter and notice how good we are starting to feel. When I was helping a client clutter bust her basement recently, she felt as old things were going she was getting her balance back. Open space, like oxygen, was coming in and reinvigorating her.

You can find and determine the right open space for yourself. The room doesn't need to be stripped of everything to be aware of and receive the benefits. As you find and let go of things that no longer suit you, you can feel the ease coming back into your body and mind. As the chaos goes, you notice the peace of mind within the space of yourself. You're left with things that are part of your life amidst nutritious space.