The Flow of Life

Wow. I was really knocked out for about two weeks there. I arrived in Los Angeles to work with clients and right away I got pneumonia. I can't remember ever being that sick.

I had a lot of plans about how I was going to work with clients and hike up in the mountains a lot. Plus it was going to be a great thawing out time from cold Chicago. And then the natural flow of events presented an entirely different situation.

There was no choice. "Here you go!" So I took antibiotics and slept a lot. I stopped writing the blog posts because it was too much to think and type. I dwelled a little about how this could have happened. My mind was looking for something to blame. But it was clutter because it was exhausting and didn't make me better.

I did get the insight that our bodies are fragile machines. I took mine for granted because it usually works so well. I exercise and eat well. And then lo and behold, some intruders came into this body and took over for a while. It made me appreciate how delicate the body is. It seems like a miracle to me that it survives as long as it does.

I did get a sense that the flow of life is more important than any of my things. When I was really sick nothing that I owned made me feel better. They felt like blurry things on the outskirts of my life. As I laid in bed, I craved the feeling of well-being and health. I wanted that simple basic feeling of life.

When I started feeling better, I was grateful. The flow of health makes me feel like I own reserves of gold.

Thanks for all the well-wishes. They made a big difference!


I wanted to let you know that I have some appointments available for phone clutter busting sessions. I have one open on Thursday morning. And a few open on Friday morning and afternoon. If you're interested, you can email me at