A Simpler Way

A while ago I signed up with a Google service that allowed me to know how many people were reading my clutter busting blog posts everyday. It broke it down to the states in the countries, and then the cities in the states. It was exciting at first. On one day it would jump up fifty people and I'd think, "This is great, it's really catching on." But then on a different day it would drop as much in the other direction and I'd think, "Well, that's it, it's over."

After a while, I ended up feeling like I was watching my well-being on the stock market and I wasn't enjoying it. I saw that it was clutter because it wasn't serving my needs which are enjoying writing and helping others. The Google service was in my way. So, I stopped looking at the numbers. It's been great since.

There's a feeling that we need a lot to be happy. A steady stream of a lot. But I think just having the things that we enjoy is more satisfying. I enjoy writing these blog posts, because I imagine I'm writing to one person. That makes me feel connected.