When Help Comes From Outside

I'm writing from super sunny LA this morning. I'm here to thaw out for a few weeks, do a workshop, and work with clutter busting clients.

I got in last night and I was talking with my friend that I'm staying with. He shared with me his clutter busting experience. He told me that while he was traveling, his suitcase and laptop disappeared and were never to be found. He was distraught.

But then while we were talking, he got an insight. The laptop and suitcase used to belong to his father who died six months ago. He had a perilous relationship with his father. His father was always drunk and abusive. Whenever my friend used his laptop, he felt his body tense because he associated the computer with his father. He had the same feeling with the suitcase.

Sometimes the Universe does us a favor and takes something away from us that hurts. The taking away can cause some pain, but at the same time, there is relief. It helps to be open to the possibility that there are bigger forces at work that are supportive.

My friend was relieved with his insight.