Asking What Matters

I was thinking about how our relationships with every thing in our lives are constantly changing. That's because we are always changing. Our bodies, how we see the world, and the circumstances in our lives are evolving all the time.

That's why I encourage you to question the things in your life. When we ask of our things, "Are you still a part of my life, or can I let you go?", we adapt and adjust to the changes. That's also why it's hard to live with clutter. When we are surrounded by a lot of stuff that no longer serves us, we feel weighed down and stagnant.

I was working with a client yesterday who felt stuck amidst a lot of things that were making her tired. She was resistant to questioning her things at first. That's because we live with the memories of when our stuff mattered to us. We don't want to let these things go because we remember at one time they made a difference.

I told my client about how we are constantly changing and the only way to keep our places and ourselves fresh is to question our things and see if they still matter. It's okay to ask, "Do I like and use you, or can I let you go?" She got it. We roared through her stuff. She ended up tossing five bags of stuff in two hours. She was amazed. That's the power of questioning the things in your life.