Clutter Busting What We've Been Avoiding

As I came through the door for yesterday's clutter bust, my client pointed to the coat closet and said, "I was thinking we'd work in here."

I agreed. But then I thought to take a look around her home. Sometimes clients pick a simpler area rather than have to work in a more difficult space. I get it. It can seem to be uncomfortable clutter busting an area that we believe will have some complexities. But I also know the greatest benefits come in untangling what we avoid.

I asked my client why she hired me. She said one of her friends told her that her place felt like a college dorm room. It struck a nerve in her. I looked around and saw a desk space that was stuffed with papers and books and various stuff. That fit her red flag.

I asked if we could start there. She sighed and agreed. I asked her when was the last time she'd ventured into the desk. She said at least a year. I got out the trash bags and started asking questions. Because it was an abandoned desk, most of the stuff got tossed. When we've had the benefit of a lengthy passage of time, it can be easy to lose attachment. The hard part is encouraging ourselves to delve into the space.

She ended up agreeing to let go of the desk, and four filing cabinets next to the desk that she also cleared out. She no longer had a need for them. We brought them down to the alley way. We came back up to her place and she told me how she relished the new space she had given herself. She said she wasn't going to add anything to the space so she could enjoy the openness.

I hope this encourages you to investigate a space you would normally avoid. We use up a lot of energy when we avoid resolving a clutter situation. When we venture in, there's a momentum at our back guiding us through each thing. There's a powerful energy in resolution. The great thing is the peace of mind that comes from our efforts.


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