A Gentle Way of Moving Forward

The resistance to clutter bust can feel like a force field that you can't penetrate. You see all the clutter, you want to do something about it, but you can't find it within your self to make the change.

I was working over the phone today with someone who was feeling the frustration and disappointment about not being able to make a dent in her clutter situation. There was a lot of sorrow in her heart as she described the clutter situation in every room in her home.

I told her she felt the need to take care of all of the stuff now, but that was more than she was capable of doing. We tend to work well in small increments. Things become easier when its reduced to a doable task.

I had her get a trash bag and a box and head up to a room. I said, "We're just looking for things to either toss or donate." She found a box stuffed with things. I suggested we start there. She found some old trophies that she didn't care about. They went into the trash bag. She found some stuff that belonged to her dog that died a few years ago. This brought her some joy and tears. She decided to donate he dog's things to an animal shelter. She put these things in the donate box. She kept going.

I understand the inertia of feeling stuck and overwhelmed. I've also seen a lot of people move through the stuckness by starting in a simple way that was possible for them. I encourage you to find a way of starting that is within your means. It's a gentle way of moving forward.