Knocking Down the Fort

We're sensitive creatures. We have delicate and fragile aspects. Our bodies are extremely sensitive in order to experience the world. There's delicacy in the way we receive and use our creativity and intuitive insights. Our hearts are tender for the full spectrum experience of emotions. We're built this way to know the world and ourselves.

Living with this openness also means we're vulnerable to being hurt. Fear of this pain can cause us to surround ourselves with things we think will protect us. We hang onto stuff and beliefs from the past because they remind us of times when we felt safer. We bring new things, experiences or people into our lives because we believe they will give us a sense of being better and stronger.

When fear is coupled with our intelligence, we can assemble a clutter fortress of protection around ourselves. The thing is when fear takes over, we can never feel safe enough. A part of us knows living this way causes us more pain.

The biggest side-effect is that it covers up our openness. Living under the protective insulation of our clutter dulls us. We need to have a free and sensitive awareness to feel happy and alive. No thing will give us this experience, no matter what other people and advertising tell us.

Everyone feels a natural joy when they dismantle their walls of clutter. It comes from their sensitive nature that's no longer buried alive. It rewards us with its reappearance.