Noticing the Things We Live With

I used to work as a mover. I remember loading up the truck at one job and being curious about a box that was old and frayed. The tape was barely holding the box together. I asked the man what was in the box. He said he didn't know. It had been taped up in a previous move and hadn't been opened. I asked if we could open up the box because maybe what was in there wasn't something that he needed to bring to his new place. He said, "Just put it on the truck!"

I think we end up living with our stuff and not noticing most of what's there. It sits in closets, drawers, bookshelves, on counter tops, on the floor, and hangs on our walls, and the majority of it goes unseen. By unseen I mean we don't notice, use, and enjoy it. When I go through a client's things with them, they are often surprised at what they own and live with.

We live with strangers. We live day to day unaware of much of the stuff we co-habitate with. I bring this up because these roommates are a drag on our life. When we don't have a connection with the things in our home and life, our lives are made cloudy by the stagnation. We lose the feeling of flow that makes us happy.

Recognizing that we live this way helps us stop and say, "Enough!" The desire to feel good in our homes again, fuels us to take a look around and see what's not fitting anymore, and remove the dead weight. Our life rewards us when we take care of our life.