Our Home is Where We Are

We get distracted by the loudness of the presence of things that are no longer a part of our life. The distractions of the clutter take our attention. It's hard to think clearly enough to hear the quieter feelings of our intuition. But it's possible. Especially when we decide that we want to live a more peaceful life in our homes.

Your home is a living thing. It has a flow and a pulse. When you stop and close your eyes and listen, you can feel the life force in your environment. Wherever you are right now, at work, in your parked car, at your house, close your eyes and feel the pulse. Maybe it's a quiet sense of space. Perhaps there's a current of energy. You might notice the presence of heavy and erratic things that block the peaceful sense, like a dam.

The first step in clutter busting is being in touch with the quiet underlying support of where you are. It's where you get your energy, and rest and intuition. I say where you are because your home is where you are in the moment. It helps to see it that way. It brings in the possibility of taking your peace of mind with you wherever you go.

This happens when we are more sensitive to our environments. The more aware we become, the better we can take care of ourselves. We begin to notice things that are causing us some kind of pain. Maybe we can fix or remove the source of the pain. Or maybe it tells us there's nothing to do and we leave.

Try this out today. Think of your awareness as a quiet stethoscope for taking the pulse of where you are. Look for the subtle sensations. Let your curiosity guide your way.