Out of Time

Our life changes constantly, but we often don't notice or keep up with what's different. We continue living an old part of our life. This makes us uncomfortable because it's hard to live with things that don't fit.

I was working with a client in his closet. I asked him about a stack of sweatshirts. His eyes went glazey. This is a red flag that someone doesn't want to see something. I asked him again if he wore and loved these clothes. He said he hadn't worn them in years. They were too big for him. I asked if he could let them go. He did the scrunching "holding on" face. He was showing signs of strain. He said his parents bought him the sweatshirts when he graduated from college, seven years ago.

My client was attempting to hold on to the past, a very difficult thing to do. I wanted him to have the perspective of right now. So I had him put on one of the sweatshirts and stand in front of the mirror. He laughed and said, "I look like I'm wearing a tent." He let go of the sweatshirts.

This weekend would be a good time to take a curious look around your home and life and see what's out of time. Maybe you look at something and it makes you tired or want to watch TV. Or considering something fills you with anxiety or dread. Or perhaps you look at something and you get an instant, "Yes, it's time for that to go." Your clutter radar is pretty amazing!


I'm doing a Clutter Busting workshop in the Seattle area next week, Saturday March 5th. It's a powerful way to learn how to spot the clutter in your life and let it go. The workshop participants bring their clutter to the event. I work with them in front of the group. Seeing other people go through the process and going through it yourself, awakens your clutter busting radar. It becomes something you take home and use the rest of your life. Here's the info:
Clutter Busting Workshop

I'm also giving a Clutter Busting talk and signing my book, Clutter Busting: Letting Go of What's Holding You Back at the East West bookstore in Seattle March 3rd. Here's the link:
East West