Taking the Time to Encourage Ourselves

When I work with a client, I'll stop at certain points during the clutter bust and ask them to notice the open space they've created for themselves. I do this even though my client has cleared out a small area and most of their living space is still filled with clutter.

I'm helping my client gain an appreciation of clutter free space. I want them to see the contrast between the haywire, chaotic, depressing energy of clutter, and the peaceful, transforming, soothing energy of open space. The good feelings give them the inspiration to let go of more of what they don't love.

We do well when we nurture ourselves through change. That means taking the time to make sure we're okay. This helps take our minds off of chaos. Chaos is loud and says, "Listen to me if you know what's good for you!" But loud and demanding doesn't mean what's best for us. The soothing and kind approach is more productive and supportive.