Curious and Playful!

There were a couple of cats in attendance at last Saturday's workshop. They were curious. They couldn't help but climb in and investigate the emptying boxes.

Being intrigued spreads.

This way of looking encouraged everyone to look differently at their things. People saw their stuff in a much lighter way and were able to notice what no longer fit in their lives.

We're curious. We get intrigued by the unknown. When our curiosity blends with our playfulness we come alive. We're magically enhanced. We become an unstoppable force.

I like encouraging this way of being during the Clutter Busting workshops. People show up holding onto boxes of stuff that's left them confounded and stuck. I'm curious about what could make them feel this way. I know confusion and stagnation are not normal ways of being. I feel like a playful detective, asking questions to get to the bottom of what's up.

"Would you buy this if you were out shopping today?" "Would you put that on and wear it now?" "Hold that in your hands and tell me how it feels." "Does that make you happy?"