Looking Deeper to Unlock the Hold

It helps to follow what you feel when clutter busting. That means taking an action that supports those feelings. Often we get caught up in the feelings and nothing happens and we suffer in our stuckness. I encourage you to be aware of your feelings and then do what's necessary to take care of yourself. It's the following through that removes the unsettledness in your heart.

Someone wrote in, "Old LPs are said to have some "value". Now, I know that they are worthless unless someone actually wants to pay me for them. Negative worth, even, if they contribute to the clutter. For some reason, however, I just can't seem to leave them out with the garbage. I feel I owe it to myself to try and realize their value myself. I know that's irrational, which all clutter is, and I'd appreciate any thoughts you have on getting round that obstacle."

He wrote that he doesn't want to leave the old LPs out with the garbage, and he wants to realize their value. If I was working with him, I imagine I would support his feelings by asking him to take the action of either listing the albums for sale online, or taking them to a record resale shop. He would either get inspired and go along with this. Or he would not try and sell the LPs and stay stuck. I've seen clients go in similar situations go both ways.

When we fold in ourselves and don't move forward, there's more introspection to be done. That's okay. We're learning to be aware of our finer feelings. We're fine tuning the skill. We might notice that all the reasons we put forth about the value of something is coming from a very private part of ourselves that doesn't want to part with something that has an emotional and unsupportive hold over us. Asking questions of ourselves in a kind way is the way in.

When the deeper insights come, it unlocks something in us that allows us to take action. The gentleness we take with ourselves pays off.