Noticing the Benefits

I worked for the second time with a new client. The last time we worked she cleared out about 15 big bags of stuff, plus three pieces of furniture she didn't use or like anymore. I noticed this time around she seemed down. I had the sense her mind had a habit of looking in dark places. So I thought I'd investigate.

I asked her in what way were things different since we last clutter busted. She thought about it quietly. Then it was as if she turned the light on in a part of herself. Ease came in. She said she'd been constantly fearful she was going to be fired from her job. But a week after the clutter bust, her company gave her a big bonus and extended her contract.

I said, "So it turns out they like you." She smiled and said yes. I think the realization hadn't kicked in until she took a deeper look. She was joyful and open through the rest of the clutter bust.

When we let go of things that no longer serve us, our life will change. Clutter impedes progress, flow and vitality. So when the clutter goes, something new and positive will come in. But we may be so used to being stuck that we don't realize the change. Plus it may be a new kind of positive for us. It helps to take a closer look. It's a treasure hunt for valuables that are here.


I scheduled another Clutter Busting Workshop. This one is in Sedona, Arizona on April 10th. The info is on the right. These workshops are a valuable way to see the clutter in our lives, and to disengage and free ourselves. Clutter is cunning and tricky, but our power of insight allows us to see and let go of what's holding us back.