I feel nauseous from watching a video of tsunami destruction in Japan. A mighty wave of water was carrying pieces of people's homes and all their stuff, along with cars and trees, and probably people. I thought,"Everything we own, including ourselves is transitory. It comes and it goes. No matter how hard we hold on."

I don't mean this as a bleak message. I think there's a lot of joy in life. There's a lot of love in who we are and what we get to enjoy in the moment. It's easy to forget that because we get caught up in things and lose perspective. But we can come back to This. Whatever we are, do and have right now. There's a simplicity in that. We don't know about later on. We can plan like crazy, but we can't plan for everything. So, we have This and we can enjoy it.

I can feel it in my own life at times. The way things were get uprooted. It feels like the Universe is picking me up and moving me. I might try and hold on. But the wave of life is powerful and it takes me where it deems. I learn from my clients about how to let go and move on.

I once worked with a client who was divorced. His wife left him a year before that. He moved to a new place and never unpacked. His home was filled with the moving boxes and their contents. He rifled through them when he needed something. He was sad in his heart. Sometimes people's places feel stagnant from old stuff. His heart felt stagnant. Even thought he'd been displaced, his heart and mind were still hanging on to what was. There was a sense of security there for him, though it cost him his well-being.

I took out the contents of the moving boxes and asked him gently about each thing. He was able to make decisions. Most of the stuff no longer fit who he was now, so he let a lot go. It took a gentle, nourishing and compassionate energy to bring him to This. It was the only way he could be happy again. And in the end, he was. He relinquished the idea of control for security, and got the security of the moment. I think that's all we ever have anyway.


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