The Vortex of the Closet

Today's client wanted help clutter busting some of the closets in her home. Closets can be intimidating places. Closets can collect so many things that it becomes overwhelming to try and make sense of what's going on. We shut down when there's too much to consider. That's why I encourage people to remove things from the closet and then ask questions.

We started with the downstairs closet by the front door. My client gazed in with a daze. She was in a clutter trance. I took out a coat and asked, "Do you still wear this coat, or can we let it go?" She became present again and said, "No, that can go." She discovered that a lot of her son's things in the closet no longer fit him and let them go.

Closets can be like a vortex, sucking things in and making them disappear from our awareness. She also found hats she didn't wear anymore. My client found a box of old papers from the previous move that had never been unpacked and turned out to be trash for her. When we were done, there were ten bags of stuff she decided weren't for her or her son anymore.

Then we went upstairs to her son's closet. He's seven. My clutter red flag went off when I saw three boxes that said "Baby Clothes." I said, "Let's go through those. It will help your son." It helps kids to stay present with who they are in the moment when they aren't surrounded by piles of artifacts from their past.

The baby clothes went into donation bags. We found a lot of other clothes that he wore as an infant or a year or two ago and put those in the bags. She discovered books he no longer read, and toys and stuffed dolls that he no longer played with. They went into donation bags too.

There's a point where clients get it. They see that there's a lot of stuff that is no longer important in their lives and they get the passion to toss. It's like they are a vacuum cleaner. The haze of indecisiveness is gone. My client gleefully tossed with purpose.