Burnt-down trees

Yesterday I was in a redwood forest and it felt really good to be there. It was a beautiful place to be. I felt a lot of support from the trees -- like they were nourishing me as I was being around them.

It felt like I didn't have to generate an experience to feel good. I was just blown away by it.

One place in particular had a burnt down redwood tree that caught fire a long time ago. Its network of roots from underneath it turned into a ring of twelve redwood trees around it. Those were a couple of hundred years old.

The feeling I got from it was that when things change, new things take their place. So something was really important for awhile, things changed, and something else came in that was even better.

I thought about how it's a force of nature that destroys things when they're no longer viable for us, and creates something brand new that's even more alive.

When I'm working with clients, I realize that's the force that's going through us during the process of clutter busting. These old burnt-down trees that we're hanging onto are let go of, and a really powerful, much more invigorating and life-supporting energy takes its place.

The only satisfaction is in something new coming in to take its place.