I Was a Guest of the Canyon

Day three of the vision quest took me to a secret part of the Grand Canyon. It was far from the usual overlooks. I had to walk a while in the woods along the rim of the canyon to find it.

I walked out onto these rocks and felt at home. I felt like this area was expecting me. I was so comfortable that I laid down on one of the stone slabs and fell asleep. I was out for an hour! I woke up refreshed.

I didn't want to leave this space. It felt alive to me. So I explored. I climbed along the side and found a surprise: two eyes looking back at me!

Two perfect wind worn eyes. I felt taken care of. I loved how the eyes were space. I couldn't touch them, but I could feel their presence.

Then I noticed a yucca plant that I had an instant affinity with. I sat next to the plant and enjoyed the companionship.

There's a basicness to life I find very fulfilling. It feels like love.


I'm going to be at a retreat for the next four days. I won't be taking my computer. So I don't imagine I'll be writing any blog posts until it's over. Take care!