On the Road


I love hitting the road. Today I'm traveling to San Francisco for a week to work with clutter busting clients and give a talk and a workshop. Then I fly to Arizona to give a workshop in Sedona and have a vision quest in the desert.

I love the simplicity of my suitcase. It teaches me that I don't need that much. I get a lot of joy out of exploring the world. When I'm out and about I feel the world is my things. Not in an owning sense but for appreciating.

I was thinking this morning as I was packing that clutter busting is noticing the discomfort clutter brings to our lives. We often don't notice the pain because our minds are focused on the opiates of what we think these things mean to us. We are stuck in our fantasy relationship with our things.

But asking questions breaks the spell and we see and experience what's really going on. The pain becomes apparent and we lose our attachment and let the clutter go. Then we experience the joy of freedom, something much greater than the high clutter once gave us.