The Parking Break Is On

I have some good news. I found out my second clutter busting book is being published by New World Library! It goes deeply into how clutter affects relationships. I wrote it because of many people's personal questions about relationships and clutter that came up during my book store talks and workshops. There was a need for deeper insight. I can't wait for you to read it! It's powerful. It affected me deeply when I wrote it. I'll let you know when it's coming out.

I'm writing to you tonight from Sedona, Arizona. I'm here for a two week vision quest. I'm going to be hiking and going within. There's been lots of changes going on in my life and I felt private time in Arizona would give me insights. I don't have any particular rules for the vision quest. I feel the quest will show me where to go and what to do, just like clutter busting.

I did a clutter busting workshop when I first arrived. I figured it would get me in the spirit of introspection and insight. It was a powerful group. There was a woman in attendance who had been having a difficult time letting go of the clutter in her life. She was being very hard on herself. She chastised herself for not being better at letting go. There was great pain and sadness in her eyes. It was hard to see her be harsh with herself.

I told the woman that her intense self-criticism was the clutter. Not the stuff on the floors of her home. Trying to let go with anger is like trying to drive a car with the parking break on. It's frustrating and wrecks havoc. We're tender beings and it's too much for us.

The chief ingredient for letting go is self-kindness. I said if someone walked past us and fell on the ground and cut their knees, we wouldn't beret them. Our compassion would rise up and we would help them. I said it helps to realize that when we are approaching our clutter, we need to see that a part of us is hurt and needs help, and to bring in the same tenderness.