Our Main Responsibility

We can have clutter in our lives because we feel too sensitive and the distractions from things we don't love creates a damper that desensitizes us. It dulls the hurts we feel, but at the same time it dulls the joys too.

I was working with someone yesterday who was experiencing a lot of emotional and physical ailments in her life. I told her that I sensed she was very sensitive and intuitive, and those close to her weren't understanding. So to keep the peace, she surrounded herself with things and experiences that weren't serving her as a way of dulling herself to make others happy. But it was backfiring because it was making her miserable.

She cried, and then apologized for crying. I thanked her for the crying because it was nice to see the light coming through her face as she let go of her feelings.

And then she talked about her furniture that used to belong to her mother who had passed away. She said she hated the furniture but felt compelled to hang onto it because otherwise she might hurt her mother in some way. I softly repeated back to her what she told me. She cried some more which turned into laughter. It helps to see what's happening without the judgment. I could feel the spell being broken.

I said when we clutter bust, we stop trying to take care of the world, and we start taking care of ourselves, which is our main responsibility. It can be hard to think of, "Taking care of me." But we can't take care of others hoping it trickles down to us. It's simpler to go straight to the source. Besides, when we're happy, the world benefits.